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いくつの言葉?(How many languages are spoken?)




Do you know how many languages are spoken in the world? And how many in PNG? There are over 800 languages spoken in Papua New Guinea out of about 6900 languages in the world The languages in PNG have a LONG history. The first group settled down in PNG around 50,000 years agoTheir languages are called Papuan languages (or non-Austronesian languages), and the majority of the current languages spoken in PNG are Papuan languages. Much later, another group came to PNG from Taiwan through Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia around 1,400 BC. Their languages are called Austronesian languages. Some of them settled down in PNG, while some went to other parts of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesiasuch an amazing voyage skill

Papuan and Austronesian languages are totally different, and they have different routes, but yet people get along with each other The language which I have been working on belongs to the Austronesian language family. How does it sound like? That will be next time

png1.png Papuan tribe

Austronesian tribe

Austronesian tribe and me

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